Crucial info about chimneys


2000 — 2002

Chimney technician in training with Master Sweep Chimney Service. Service area centered in Santa Rosa, CA. Trained and field-refined in chimney and open fireplace cleanings, inspections, inserts, freestanding wood stoves, prefabricated zero-clearance fireplaces, gas systems, pellet stoves and dryer vents. Also gained experience in brick-and-mortar repairs, waterproofing and installs of inserts and freestanding stoves. Also rebuilt smoke chambers and installed top-mount damper systems, flue extensions, crowns and spark arrestors. Became well-versed in building and fire-code requirements related to chimneys and stoves.

2002 — 2005

Began Chimney Safe Chimney Service while employed by Pipecleaners Chimney Sweep and Supply in Santa Rosa. Further refined theory and technique on liner installs, woodstove installs, damper removal and dryer vent cleaning. Also stepped up commercial service, including chimney work for property management firms.

2005 — present

Owner/operator of Chimney Safe Chimney Service in Las Vegas until relocating business to Redding in 2014.