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About Us

Chimney Safe Chimney Service owner/operator Kevin O’Kelley is the Shasta/Tehama County region’s most experienced chimney and fireplace professional. Whether you need a sweep, repair, inspection, install, refurbishment/restoration, Kevin offers top-quality chimney service at reasonable prices in and around Redding, CA.

In fact, Kevin is the low-price leader in the area among industry-trained chimney experts.

Kevin, a father of three, operates under the motto, “I’ll service your chimney or fireplace as though my own family were going to enjoy it.”

That means Kevin is committed to a smoke-free, fire-safe experience to keep your home cozy and your indoor air clear all winter long.

Fire safety, efficient smoke venting and the structural integrity of your fireplace and smokestack are top priorities for Chimney Safe Chimney Service. That’s why Kevin has honed his skills over the past 17 years as not just a chimney sweep, but as an industry-trained and tested, full-service chimney professional. Since 2000, Kevin has cleaned or swept more than 4,000 chimneys and repaired more than 2,500 others in California and Nevada. That means you can trust Kevin with your firebox, smoke chamber and smokestack, along with all the infrastructure that makes up a complete fire-burning and smoke venting system — whether it’s a conventional brick-and-mortar, wood-burning fireplace, prefab unit, gas-burning system or freestanding stove. That includes stoves that burn wood or pellets.

Chimney Safe Chimney Service’s chimney repair work includes mortar and leak repair, high-temperature repair, water sealing and critter exclusions. Call if you have questions about dampers, flues, inserts, crowns, spark arrestors, rain caps, flashing and more.

Kevin’s repertoire encompasses the full range of residential chimney and fireplace services, as well as various commercial services, including pipe cleaning, real-estate inspections and multi-family structures like apartments, condominiums and more. He works with individual owners and property managers alike.

Buying a new home with a fireplace or wood-/pellet-burning stove? Call Kevin for a thorough inspection to make sure your system is ready for primetime — and isn’t hiding structural or safety problems that could give you buyer’s remorse. He’ll ensure your fire-burning system complies with Code 211 standards, as set by the National Fire Prevention Association.

Need a new wood- or pellet-burning stove? Let Kevin give you a quote. He’s not just a service and repair guy — he installs systems, too. His chimney installs include wood inserts and code-compliant liners.

Kevin’s fire-safe approach to your home extends beyond the fireplace, chimney and stove systems. Aware that clothes dryers cause more than 15,000 house fires annually in the United States, Kevin offers dryer vent cleaning to ensure your home or family won’t become a casualty of fires sparked by clogged dryer vents. Ask Kevin about his chimney cleaning/dryer-vent 2-for-1 special.

So to ensure the heat’s on, the smoke’s out and the fire’s under control this winter, call Redding’s genuine chimney troubleshooter. Call Kevin at Chimney Safe Chimney Service, 530-737-3819.

2000 — 2002

Chimney technician in training with Master Sweep Chimney Service. Service area included Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties. Trained and field-refined in chimney and open fireplace cleanings, inspections, inserts, freestanding wood stoves, prefabricated zero-clearance fireplaces, gas systems, pellet stoves and dryer vents. Also gained experience in brick-and-mortar repairs, waterproofing and installs of inserts and freestanding stoves. Also rebuilt smoke chambers and installed top-mount damper systems, flue extensions, crowns and spark arrestors. Became well-versed in building and fire-code requirements related to chimneys and stoves.

2002 — 2009

Began Chimney Safe Chimney Service while employed by Pipecleaners Chimney Sweep and Supply in Santa Rosa. Further refined theory and technique on liner installs, wood stove installs, damper removal and dryer vent cleaning. Also stepped up commercial service, including chimney work for property management firms.

2009 — present

Owner/operator of Chimney Safe Chimney Service in Las Vegas until relocating business to Redding in 2014.

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